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THE HISTORY & MODUS OPERANDI Over 50 years of Biotechnology expertise
Atomes is a Canadian company founded in 1999 by a team of scientists. These professional industrial chemists and Microbiologists have applied their technical knowledge and expertise to the development of products that satisfy the growing needs in several Divisions such as public hygiene, Animal Healthcare, Pulp & Paper, Agriculture, Petroleum, Food & Beverage, Aerospace & Military etc. They believed that more stringent methods in Biotechnology would improve public health protection & Biosecurity. Atomes' founders successfully laid the foundations of a dynamic company, an innovator in the field of Biotechnology products and related services.

Atomes focuses on a single goal: to continuously improve the quality of the environment where our fellow citizens live,
work, play, study, eat and receive medical care, with a view to pushing back the frontiers of longevity while respecting the environment.

Closing the Loopis Atomes modus operandi.
With the goal of guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction at all times, Atomes offers customized total solutions based on: comprehensive situational assessment; analysis and product/procedure recommendation taking into account technical, operational, and economic requirements; implementation; education and training; regular follow-up to identify potential for further improvement.
Atomes Logo High Res crop_edited_edited.png

In partnership with prestigious universities and research centers, Atomes can thus fully realize its mission of innovation. The pace of development and continuous improvement of its products allow Atomes to rapidly renew its product lines and thus maintain a major technological edge.
For example, Atomes has approved more than 60 new products from Health Canada, Agriculture Canada & Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA over the past four years. The reputation of Atomes in innovation and solution-providing has attracted many customers even at the governmental level.


Atomes serves the following industries

  • Agriculture.

  • Pulp & paper.

  • Animal Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

  • Hotel, Commercial and Residential.

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment.

  • Food & Beverages Processing.

  • Petroleum.

  • Construction.

  • Aerospace and Military.

OUR SERVICES Across the globe

The marketing of products and services ensues from a highly efficient process of analysis and satisfying the requirements of its clientele, emphasizing the development of added value, performance and quality in all marketing phases. 


A team of Atomes professionals harnesses the most advanced scientific and marketing tools and studies to highlight the economic qualities and advantages of Atomes products and services.

Moreover, Atomes has dedicated product line specialists to recruit, train and support its representatives, distributors, and commercial partners to ensure that the programs are implemented efficiently to meet the needs of every clientele with Atomes brands or Private Labels.

With its consolidated presence through 200+ distributors in more than 87 countries, Atomes is a tried, tested, and proven supplier of specialty chemicals and biotechnology products sold under the Atomes brand or Private Labels.

For the Animal Healthcare Division, Atomes offers a wide range of Biotechnologies serving the Poultry, Cattles, Swines and Equines from farms to slaughterhouses.

Feed additives, veterninary medicine, animal healthcareAnimal Healthcare, Veterinary Medicine, Feed Additives - Feed additives Disinfectants Decontaminants - Liver cleanser Kidney flusher immunity booster - Liquid toxin binder Replacement for AGP - probiotics Curative Organic Bio-antibiotics - 

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